Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Social Networking makes us less human

The modern form of madness, i.e Social Networking, is taking its way very nicely. People are more into live in a virtual life rather real. Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, BlackBerry, iPhone or what ever the things used to stay connected(so called) in a cyber space with their peers has become a major part of the life(I am not talking about the basic communication protocols that comes with those). The way of living in a real life with a real passions and styles with real expressions is no longer existed in this cyber-reality. Simply it makes you living less in your real life. Less of productivity is another concern. Family relationships can be less connected. You are more vulnerable to feel lonely even your friends count shows thousands in numbers. Those are the real facts behind this .

Its true tha the Social Networking brings us some good. Its a great technology evolution, no doubt. But the problem is the balance that people get it into their life. By means of living the life it does very few good things to us but a big damage in many ways. These facts has been explained well in the book ALONE TOGETHER written by MIT professor Sherry Turkle. She explains that people are become isolated from reality due to such social networking sites because technology is dominating our lives and making us "less human".

Therefore its time to think weather it is really imperative to get this modern-madness into our life and is that the way we really want to live our life with. Honestly for me its more like a waste of time. Its not healthy. If you want to live in a real life, face-to-face, with a great sense of hummer feeling the setting whatever you are in start get rid of Social Networking. Instead go to a gym, fab or bar or do whatever it makes you real socialized. Its really healthy and you may feel you are more living like a human.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Next generation framework for Java based web applications

Recently I had an opportunity to work on a project developed using JBoss Seam framework.
Seam is next generation web framework that integrates JEE technologies with variety of non standard technologies into a unified, consistent, programing model. Although Seam is not much popular in the co-operate world today It will be the next generation integration framework in Java world. The idea of seam is to glue the two key components of Java EE 5 specification that is JSF 1.2 and EJB3 (JSF is the standard presentation framework for the web tire that provides both a UI component model and a server side event model. EJB3 is the standard programing model for creating secure and scalable business components that access transactional resources. EJB3 also surround JPA that defines a standard persistence model for laying a ORM layer in between application and RDMS).

In conventional JEE programing model it requires lot of ''glue" code (backing bean layer) to combine JSF and EJB layers. Simply Seam eliminates that additional layer and fits JSF and EJB together. As such and with many more programing patterns, Seam has positioned as the next generation integration framework for Java base web applications.

Seam project is an idea of the Hebernate's inventor Gavin King. As for the most software project, Seam also was started to scratch a single developer's itch that of Gavin's. Why? Gavig King was fed up with that developers are not using Hibernate properly with the stateless framework like Spring. So he identified that the missing integration between JSF and EJB in a statefule context is much needed and it would avoid further abuse of Hibernate as a JPA provider. This would allow the persistence context (Hibernate Session or JPA EntityManager) to transcend layers and would permit stateful session beans to respond JSF directly. To achieve this, Seam was came out as a stateful, yet efficient, architecture in to the JEE picture.

Even there are many features that I can write on this blog I would not because there are lot more well written article that describes in and out about Seam well. If you are further interested it is just a matter of searching(Googling).