Friday, February 19, 2010

Impelementing audio streaming using RTP in Java

As this post is writing its a frustrating moment. Because no stable fully functional Java API found for streaming real time audio so far.

The first attempt I tried to implement RTP streaming was with JMF. Event JMF is almost a dead project by sun as its still using lot of programers and the mailing list is stil active I decided to use it. But again It was just a failure attempt as its not funtioning well on Linux. And again as it has not update since 2001 its quit rist to continue with it. So I decided to find for some other libraries. Freedom for Meedia in Java(FMJ) is the alternative open source project that provides functionalities to capture, playback, process, and stream media across multiple platforms. But its not that much active and less of documentations and tutorial I stil did not try to write any code with tha. But by the side im keeping it in case to try out.

The xuggle, I thought first the xuggle will do the job. But agian xuggle is supporting live streaming with a flash server called octopus. But who need a central media streaming for VOIP. So bye bye to xuggle.

The next library my attention went is Quick Time For Java(QTJ). God u know what?
Quick time streaming works only on Mac OS (Classic and OS X).

At the begening I did not think implementing audio streaming using RTP in java would be a challage. But now it has become a challage.


  1. hello,
    and what's the solution to your question? I started to update an old software project ... damn... the work is frustrating... oracle deleted all supportfiles and thins to JMF...

    have you tried any other technology or a special Java-Framwork to stream over RTP? I cannot change the RTP-part because the project hardware just "speaks" RTP... ;)
    thx for a reply or a hint of another technology

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  3. Last couple of days i am also facing the same problem still thinking about proper solution for me .
    Is it really a nightmare ?