Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Impelementing audio streaming using RTP in Java

As this post is writing its a frustrating moment. Because no stable fully functional Java API found for streaming real time audio so far.

The first attempt I tried to implement RTP streaming was with JMF. Event JMF is almost a dead project by sun as its still using lot of programers and the mailing list is stil active I decided to use it. But again It was just a failure attempt as its not funtioning well on Linux. And again as it has not update since 2001 its quit rist to continue with it. So I decided to find for some other libraries. Freedom for Meedia in Java(FMJ) is the alternative open source project that provides functionalities to capture, playback, process, and stream media across multiple platforms. But its not that much active and less of documentations and tutorial I stil did not try to write any code with tha. But by the side im keeping it in case to try out.

The xuggle, I thought first the xuggle will do the job. But agian xuggle is supporting live streaming with a flash server called octopus. But who need a central media streaming for VOIP. So bye bye to xuggle.

The next library my attention went is Quick Time For Java(QTJ). God u know what?
Quick time streaming works only on Mac OS (Classic and OS X).

At the begening I did not think implementing audio streaming using RTP in java would be a challage. But now it has become a challage.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oracle's Sun Acusition

One of the big news to the IT sector within the last week was the merge of Oracle and Sun, both are major players in the industry from every aspects. As I am much more to Java I am pretty interested about this interesting sudion. There are winners and losers. This would be a good for some while bad for some. Even nothing can be concluded precisely but some predictions still can be made.

With this acquisition, software that are running on Java and the developments using Java would have affected badly. Such a clue comes because Oracle is very good at earning money by selling software with licenses. Java was Open and Free. But lately if oracle decide no more free Java then the problem arises. Probably they would not go such a foolish decision. But they might create many alternative paths in order to get money out from the idea. The idea is that Java can not be given totally free any more. Therefore the license would be required for any Java related works which is bad despite oracles side.

On the one hand this would be affected badly to the R&D works that have been continuously doing by Sun. Concerning the two natures of Sun and Oracle Sun has invested more money on its research works compared to Oracle. Therefore at the bottom line the less of R&D activities means less new releases and technologies to come. The result is the existing development APIs and frameworks will get a longer time to get upgraded to their new versions. In other words the speed of Java technology evolution will get slow compared to its Sun's era.

Another aspect to taken into the discussion due to this merge is the Opensource world as Sun was engaging with large number of opensource projects. Sun was investing more money and giving sponsorships to many opensource developments. Unless Oracle sees the value of this need probably Opensource world would be collapsed. This can been seen from the press conference released by Larry that the main reason to buy Sun is Java. But it is not. The main reason is the hardware business owned by Sun. By the way he would not obviously interested on other java based opensource softwares and API's that has been developing by Sun. Therefore Opensource would fall in quite an unexpected way.

Finally, the deal that worth $7.4 billions would not be a good one for most of Java users and opensource communities. This can be clearly seen by analyzing the behaviors of Sun's and Oracle. Other point is how it can be expected to be much better from the one that was already better. Its quite unnatural. Therefore things would be affected soon and be felt soon. But not for forever as everything got to get adjusted accordingly. Therefore will definitely have a better future.