Friday, October 23, 2009

Fine example to explain a Mutex and Threads

For what purpose we can use rubber chicken. Different people would use for different purpose.
I found this example while 'google'ing.

[When I am having a big heated discussion at work, I use a rubber chicken which I keep in my desk for just such occassions. The person holding the chicken is the only person who is allowed to talk. If you don't hold the chicken you cannot speak. You can only indicate that you want the chicken and wait until you get it before you speak. Once you have finished speaking, you can hand the chicken back to the moderator who will hand it to the next person to speak. This ensures that people do not speak over each other, and also have their own space to talk.

Replace Chicken with Mutex and person with thread and you basically have the concept of a mutex.]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Advanced Collaboration Grids

Grid computing technologies enable wide-spread sharing and coordinated use of network resources. Among the number of types of grids collaboration grid takes a significant attention from the researchers and communities. But so far collaboration has not been used in a consistence fashion by different communities. Hence identifying the issues related to grid collaboration and finding some open standard approaches to overcome these obstacles is much needed. These approaches can be different from each. But what important is that these approaches should follow open standards that can be agreed and used by every interested parties. Taking this matter into account I thought to open this tread to address the above matters.

Collaboration become regular and important in the grid paradigm. But so far collaboration has not been used in a consistence fashion by different communities for many reasons. Hence Identifying the related issues with the collaboration has become one of major concern among research communities for last couple of year. The challenge is to finding an open standard that can be agreed by every communities.

A grid is basically built on services. In other words a grid is a better example for Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). These services are at each separate layers in the grid architecture according to their functionality. Approaching to the concept of collaboration in the current grid services hierarchy collaboration can also be identified to a set of services. Therefore implementing a service based middleware to handle the the concurrent events coming from grid participants is quite natural. The same kind of implementation has been done by Indiana university but again its a shared event model using common message broker. They have proved the concept instantiating that model that enable working concurrently on a single OpenOffice files by many peers from any corner of the world. But the problem I see in this is the solution is application specific and so no common interface provided that can be used commonly. Therefore I believe that extending this concept to model a Service Based middleware instead of it's shared event based model that would be a more flexible in general.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dcache/Delasa Nominates for the e-Swabhimani award !

It is a great pleasure for me write it here that the project we have been working on at the LSF has been shortlisted for the national award of e-Swabhimani Awards 2009 under e-science and technology category. Even whether we would receive the award or not Dcache/Delase will remains as the first distributed web cache implemented so for. This was a team effort. I thankful all the members worked to take the project this far, specially Dr.sanjiva-adviser, wathsala-lead, nishshanka-se and shehani-pm.

Summing up the last 9 moths spent on this it was a great experience specially in implementing a research idea. It has a lot of varieties in terms of many common working experiences we meet in the commercial software development environment. As every elements in the world, these two environments also have good and bad. But I would rather satisfy by working in a environment like LSF, doing research. It catered me the freedom most importantly, let myself to be enjoyed of the work done, no QA team to reports bug :), also it keeps me on the study track.

Finally we believe that Dcache will be smart enough and beautiful to win the award. So that we would future treat to take her to a another level.