Friday, September 18, 2009

FOSS-ed 2009 -Trinco

I had a great time being as a FOSS advocator at FOSS-ed conference which was another FOSS event held in Trinco in last week. we were a 8 man team who came from various institutes and companies as FOSS advocators.
This was not the first time that i had been to Trinco. I had my first visit to Trico in 2004 when Tsunami came. The purpose of that journey was to provide water with IDPs.
Now when I look at these two visits, the objective of both visits was to help people. This time I spent a great couple of days at Trinco. I could able to be relaxed myself and felt the freedom of the life itself.

The people who had come to the event and the organizers of the event welcomed us at a great deal. This was a good example to how it is easy to live for northern and southern people in Sri Lanka in peace. Mindset is the most important factor for being good or bad. What I felt was the war is just a creation of group of people(what ever they are defined to be like). Even though I come up with lot of unorganized ideas about the conflict had I am not going to write those in here as its now over. This is ABOUT FOSS. Completely different from a war. :)

The two days conference and training session held at Northern governor office at Trinco. All the people who had participated for the event were public workers and they had several levels in IT knowledge but each had good enough knowledge at their levels rather I expected. So it was easy for us give to introduce FOSS and things and gave some practical session with the FOSS applications. Even the term FOSS was totally a new experience for them I hope we could able to convice them a lot about the context in it.