Wednesday, May 27, 2009

web caching on P2P overlay + mesh networking

Mesh networking has recently become popular in deploying wireless networks.
Similarly with the growth of internet browsing, implementation of a P2P overlay for web caching has identified as a major requirement to reduce the latency of the web content delivery and the network bandwidth. So emerging these two concepts together facilitates to overcome underline issues and deliver advantages to all the stake holders in the phenomena.

Currently we are at LSF developing a set of software components to address the issues mentioned above. The idea is a p2p overlay to cache the web contents. Basically the system consists of two main components(layers) that are the P2P multicasting layer and the caching proxy. These two layers have integrated in a way so that each node in the p2p overlay cache the possible web content it brows. Later when some other node requests for a particular url, which has already been visited from a node in the group previously, is then served from the cache instead of going to the actual location of the resource. This obviously cut off the latency and the bandwidth. We basically have developed this to run on top of a mesh network which contains less number of peer nodes(not hundreds of) runing on both UNIX and Win distributions.